Appointment structure

What to expect:

  • The initial consult will always include a thorough case taking process, this will take 45min.

  • The Student will be required to fully take your case and present it to a supervisor for review and sign-off.

  • All advice and treatment will be provided after it has been presented to the supervisor. Total time for your appointment is 1.5hr.


Assessments may include:

  • Clinical examinations, such as blood pressure measurement

  • Pathology test result analysis

  • Iridology analysis

  • Nail and tongue examinations


What to bring:

  • Client questionnaire and diet diary filled in. (Provided)

  • List of medications and supplements you currently take

  • Recent pathology test results from your normal Doctor

  • A willingness to try new things to optimise your health

Student clinic

What is the difference?

In a student clinic, you are seen by a student who is still learning the skills of a Naturopath. This means everything might take a little longer than for a Qualified Professional. An appointment at Endeavour takes 90min including wait time.


Students must be supervised by a Qualified Naturopath. I am lucky enough to have the support of Naturopaths with decades of experience.

Clinic hours

During the College semester of Spring 2020, there are appointments available at Endeavour Student Clinic on Tuesdays 8am - 11.30am and Wednesdays 1pm - 4.30pm.

Cost of appointment

The cost of appointments is very affordable. Contact me for the latest offers.

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